Characteristics of Dyslexia

According to The International DYSLEXIA Association, there are several common characteristics of dyslexia. Individuals with dyslexia struggle with not only reading but also writing, spelling, and/or math. Students with Dyslexia are very smart and want to learn, but they will need specialized instruction to promote reading success and ease many difficulties associated with Dyslexia.  Here are some common characteristics of Dyslexia.

Oral Language

  • Late Learning to talk
  • Difficulty pronouncing words
  • Difficulty acquiring vocabulary or using age proper grammar
  • Difficulty following Directions
  • Confusion with before/after, Right/Left
  • Difficulty Learning the alphabet, nursery rhymes or songs
  • Difficulty understanding concepts and relationships
  • Difficulty with word retrieval or naming problems


  • Difficulty Learning to read
  • Difficulty identifying or generating rhyming words, or counting syllables in words ( Phonological Awareness)
  • Difficulty with hearing and manipulating sounds in words ( Phonemic Awareness)
  • Difficulty distinguishing different sounds in words (Phonological processing)
  • Difficulty in learning the sounds of letters ( phonics)
  • Difficulty remembering names and shapes of letters or naming letter rapidly
  • Transposing the order of letters when reading or spelling
  • Misreading or omitting common short words
  • Has difficulty reading longer words ” Stumbles” through.
  • Poor reading comprehension during oral or silent reading because words are not accurately read
  • Slow, laborious oral reading


  • Difficulty putting ideas on paper
  • Many spelling mistakes
  • May do well on weekly spelling tests, but may have many spelling mistakes in daily work
  • Difficulty proofreading

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